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Know About us

Established in 2013, Jean Daniel Audiovisual Studios is an inspiring small photography company offering the highest quality images to the corporate sector, and one of the first businesses to implement a strong and innovative model of Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit deaf people in the Dominican Republic.

We invest resources and time to support children and young people in several places in the Dominican Republic.
Our photography education and employment program to deaf people are being used as a success story to other companies that want to follow our lead.
Empowering others is the main purpose of our CSR approach. More than teaching others, our education program has been a great way of learning from them.

Jean Daniel Louis

Founder, Jean Daniel Audiovisual Studios
Jean Daniel Audiovisual Studios

What makes us different?

Definitely our innovative CSR approach does.

We work hard to find new ways to support our communities. We spend time visiting people, being aware of their needs, talk to community leaders, stay in close contact with organizations working with kids and disable people.
We’ve found in this process a good way to develop programs that address successfully the needs of these external stakeholders.

Courses offered in 3 languages, including Dominican Sign Language
Kids reached by our Backing Kids Education program
Social and Religious organizations benefited by our Support Program
People educated though our free photography courses

Meet the team

Carla Durán

Sign Language Interpreter

Johanán Suárez

Drone Pilot Teacher

Sarai Mojica

Media Relations Manager

Yokasty Sisnero

Photography Assistant

Landy Florentino

Education Program Assitant

Yurkis Sánchez

Operations Management Assistant

Randolf Marte

Film Maker

Lisandra Pimentel

Deaf Education Program Assistant

Omar Sandoval

Film Maker

Ways To Support Us

There are so many ways you can help us kee doing our great work to benefit kids and deaf people in the Dominican Republic.