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Empowering Childhood

Corporate Social Responsibility

Photography Education to children

In 2017, we gave a one-week photography course to a group of kids at a Summer Camp. The experience was amazing and surprising: the kids can learn much faster than young and adults. That led us to formulate a new chapter of our project: give formal photography classes to 8-12 year-old kids.

Since then, we’ve been working with dozens of kids through our program GodzKreation, a creationist and environment-centered photography approach.

Our philosophy and conviction are that photography is possible because of God, as “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights”. At the beginning, we exposed clearly that light is a gift and deed of God.

Empowering Childhood
Empowering Childhood
Empowering Childhood
Empowering Childhood

We also focus very much on nature photography (landscape, animals) in order to help the students value and appreciate the wonders of the creation. They shall see God’s perfect hands in every creature and recognize that each of them embellishes the creation (for example, we’re emphasizing the fact that a cockroach or a mouse is something we should thank the Lord for). There is no ugly creature. God has created every animal or plant for a special reason. This way, we build environmental awareness in the kids, teaching them about the 3 R’s: Reduce waste, Reuse resources and Recycle materials.

At the end of the course, we organize a photo exhibition, and we invite parents, friends and authorities of the photography field to support the kids in their journey.

The Kids Experience

Basic Photography Course consists on a six-week classes with practice sessions in parks and other green places in the city.


We've recently started to run a Bateyes version of our photography kids program.
A Batey is a community in highly precarious conditions with limited access to basic services such as water, health and good education.

We wanted kids living in these communities to experience the beauty of photography and learn what could be their next professional way of living. We've been working with very enthusiastic children who are very happy to handle a professional camera for the first time.

Regular practice sessions are being planned so the kids can stay in close contact with photography long after the courses end.​

Empowering Kids
After that learning experience, our kids will never be the same. This is a life changing experience. We are so grateful of what is being done with our children.

Samuel Pérez

Old man living in Batey San Cristóbal

Spread the love for our kids

Your contribution can help us keep the photography education program in more Bateyes of the Dominican Republic.

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