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Supporting Social Organizations

Corporate Social Responsibility

Photography Education to Non Profit Organizations

Since 2015, we give free photography classes to Social organizations and church members. These institutions doing a great job not always can hire someone to document professionally their activities.

Photography is a powerful tool to help the institutions make their work known by the world. This is why we show support to these not-for-profit institutions, providing their members with the tools to capture outstanding images the organizations can use in their websites, social networks, journals, or official reports.​

Corporate Social Responsibility
Supporting Social Organizations

The NGO Experience

More than 50 members of about 10 organizations have been educated through our free photography program.


Every year we collaborate with a large number of institutions doing a great job in society. We cover for free or for almost nothing the principal events of these institutions and we spread the news on our networks so more people can get to know the good job done and support these institutions.

Theatrical groups of people with disabilities, organizations promoting Autism awareness, church conferences, NGO working with abused kids are some of the institutions that enjoy our services.​

Supporting Social Organizations

Organizations We Have Worked With

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