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Addressing Disabilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Inclusion

Under the concept of Inclusive Inclusion, we started the very first photography class in the Dominican Republic for a mixed group of deaf and hearing young people in collaboration with Instituto de Ayuda al Sordo Santa Rosa and Iglesia de Convertidos a Cristo a los Sordos. We also had the privilege to run in the country the First Photo Exhibition by deaf and hearing people.
During the classes, we placed a particular emphasis on making our best to save our planet and being supportive of causes seeking to improve children's lives in the country. Therefore, we did our bit and join forces to support the initiative Tapitas x Quimio, a campaign that seeks to collect a total of 4.5 million plastic caps to be sold to recycling centers, and with the money raised, afford the treatments of children with cancer.
During the exhibition, the bottle caps collected by our students were delivered to FACCI, Fundación Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil (Friends Against Childhood Cancer Foundation), the organization that runs the campaign in the Dominican Republic.

Coporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

The INICIOS' experience

The classes help us know much more about deaf culture. It's a good time to promote comradeship and understanding among the deaf and hearing students.​

Lisandra is a young deaf girl who studied photography with us. Because of her deep interest and passion for the art, we've decided to hire her as one of our team members.
Lisandra spends hours and hours learning about lighting and editing techiniques.
She works hard to become the most famous deaf photographer working in the Dominican Republic.

Deaf Culture Awareness

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Support our deaf photographers

These new photographers need our help to keep learning. Let us help them.

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